Transforming Small Spaces Into Walk in Showers

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Is there a small closet or extra room in your house which would get more use if it was turned into something more functional? Consider building a wet room, which has no bath or toilet, just the entire room devoted to the shower. As soon as you enter this room, you have stepped inside the enclosure since there is no designated separate “stall” and the whole room serves as the showering area.

Transforming a space into a room can get very expensive, so it’s a good initial investment to have a professional design it, even if you are going to carry out the remodeling job yourself. You will find it will save you money as you will avoid expensive mistakes and will also be able to use the space you have available more efficiently and effectively. This is vital if you have a small area to work with. Budget at least $10,000 to $12,000 to convert an existing small bathroom or closet into a shower room. Because it must be designed to be watertight, you must
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plan on tiling both the floor and the walls with non-porous, waterproof tiles, so consider what color might make the room appear larger or what complementary color designs would be most appealing. In addition, the floor must be dug out in order to accommodate a floor drainage system and any heating system you might want to incorporate into your design.

A dedicated room is excellent for transforming a small second bathroom as a way to increase the resale market value of your home. They are relatively easy to keep clean and their design and waterproofing makes them last much longer than a regular bathroom.

Waterproofing ¬†is key to this room’s design success, as is proper water drainage. Make sure you or your contractor is using water and boil proof plywood and that both floors and walls are treated with waterproofing gel prior to laying the tiles. The floor must be tilted properly so that water drains easily toward the drainage opening or flooding and back-ups are possible, resulting in costly damage of other rooms adjacent to the shower room. Properly designed, there is relatively little maintenance or upkeep that needs to be done other than regular cleaning. You may need to invest in some sort of shower screen in order to keep towels or any other materials stored in this room high and dry.

Transforming a small space into a new enclosure is a great way to maximize the available room in the house. Not only does it add more functional room to the house but it will also increase its value often in excess of the amount it cost you to build.

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